Japanisches Premium Wachstumsfutter für Kois

Premium Japanese Koi Growth Feed manufactured by one of the most respected names in fish culture – Marubeni Nisshin.

Mizuho provides superior results with a simple philosophy:

  • High protein feeds for growth
  • The highest quality fish meal and ingredients
  • A price you can afford
  • Absoutely no fillers

The result:

  • Mizuho produces the healthiest Koi with the best growth and brightest colors.
  • cleaner, clearer pond to show off your fish and support their health.

Because the feed is so nutritious and easy to digest, you use less feed and there is little waste.

Mizuho Growth feeds come in three formulas:

Mizuho is packed fresh with moisture and oxygen scavengers in a foil bag to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Available in 2 Kg bags